My Medieval Style Toy Theater, a great success.

This is my newest: a medieval toy theater. It can basically fit into any size cabinet, though deeper is better. The drawbridge type stage that folds down was very popular with the kids at Maker Faire. Right now the outside is finished but for all the final knobs, and a color glaze to make both knights on the doors match. Decoupage should be finished with at least 10 or more coats of varnish, over 20 coats to totally embed the surface. I like the cracks to give texture, so I varnish around 10 coats, and then scuff it up a little with very fine sandpaper. Inside on the stage the torch lights and fireplace light up in a realistic illusion of fire. This toy theater has a small set of characters taken right out of medieval manuscripts, though you can find images like this on the internet easily to copy for a fuller group of characters.The electronics make this one more costly, and I have a tag of $875 on this style and it takes about four weeks to make one because the torches and fire are handmade. The torches are dollhouse flame lights (incandescent) and the fireplace all LED's. The newer versions will be all LED's because they last so long. It's a beautiful art piece that can be displayed open or closed, and lit at night it is just beautiful. It is meant to be played with as well. There will be more characters in a new picture next week.

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