The Morocco House was made for Jean-Claude Baker, owner of the beautiful restaurant "Chez Josephine" in New York City and one of the most entertaining (and generous) characters I know. He wanted to buy a house in Morocco, but when he went back the place had changed too much. I wanted to give him back the old style Morocco most Westerners read about.

This is a closer view of the interior while the light is on. I am developing several Moroccan lamp designs for one inch scale.

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This was my first real roombox project, made from a wooden chocolate shipping box (because it was made for a restauranteur). The dome is made from two different drink lids fused together and covered with Golden Heavy Modeling Paste--great stuff--and topped with a chess pawn. The Moroccan style roof's wall was cut out of foam core, and meticulously covered with lighter modeling paste to give it a grainier texture. The door is a regular picture frame. I made the Moroccan style hospitality set out of polymer clay, the light is made from a lasercut Chinese fan (and the table, too). I love the way it looks when the light is on, as it has colored gels in it just like the real lamps have colored glass.


There is a new Moroccan Roombox under construction which will showcase my new LED lights and miniature fires. Work had to stop due to a death in the family, but it is in production again.