The two pieces in this section are the result of being introduced to Day of the Dead celebrations in New Mexico where I go to paint landscapes. Having lost too many loved ones in a short period of time, this Latin tradition transformed my sorrow with healing humor and a re-affirmation of life. The work above is by Jose Guadalupe Posada, a great Mexican artist/printmaker whose work is still the standard. Though he died unrecognized in 1913, his work is now being given the admiration it deserves.

On the left is a miniature altar, like those each family makes at home to "invite" their loved ones to a feast celebrating the dearly departed. The family eats at home, then goes to the cemetery to visit the dead--and each other. The cemeteries look like the scene of an all night party by next day (and in some parts of the world, they do party all night).I do an altar in my home to share with friends. I made most of the miniatures in this nicho, and embellished the objects I found. Above is a skeleton on lunch break. I have several pieces designed, though I am determined to make my own. These two are just a prologue to creating my own personal perception of this earthy and joyful tradition.
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