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tab Welcome to my virtual gallery of paintings, drawings, design and whimsical miniatures. There is something for everyone here. When you go to the menu page, you can click on rooms for whatever interests you or just browse along for the whole experience. Art is a celebration of what the human hand can do that takes us all into a world bigger than ourselves. We can't resist making things. It is a desire for intimacy with the material stuff of our existence, a form of passion, and it drives us to create. From an art school background, I learned to specialize. Now that I am older I find this far too restrictive, not to mention less remunerative. In the process of discovering miniatures and heirloom toys, I found the new media actually made me a better artist. As this website develops, there will be lessons on how to make some of my projects yourself if you are a maker like me. If you are in a hurry and only interested in the miniatures and toys, use the Rosetti character on the right. If you are here to see the illustrations, click on the book button. Otherwise, use the palette menu button for the full tour.

Stop back on this page to use my links: click here to visit my featured instructables decoupage project, and click here to visit my CafePress store of items printed with my photography.

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